Use of Proceeds

The model of operations in the FomoETH ecosystem is configured for enabling further economic growth, security, and, most importantly, project exposure. The revenue streams directly sourced from positive on-chain contributions will be allocated to certain sub-categories of project maintenance. In this case, FomoETH has designed a percentage-based system that automatically assigns the funds collected to certain pools.
We believe it is vital to reinvest the proceeds generated by our token and projects in order to sustain the ecosystem and give back to users. The largest quantity of proceeds will be utilized for Marketing and Branding. Although our ideas such as NFTagram are singular in their design and philosophy, FomoETH is also competing for attention with thousands of other crypto, blockchain, and metaverse projects, making it increasingly difficult to gain organic exposure.
In this respect, FomoETH marketing ensures that token incentives are financial in nature, as well as contributing to a market capitalization of on-chain projects like NFTagram. By marketing both the FomoETH token in tandem with NFTagram, interest between the two should manifest quickly, without the need for unnecessary guerrilla marketing tactics.
Further development is crucial for any crypto start-up in order to keep pace with cultural and technological shifts in the markets. With entirely new ecosystems emerging every day, and the Metaverse on the horizon, it’s paramount that FomoETH continues to develop new projects and features that will separate the platform from other industry players.
FomoETH has also pledged to contribute a considerable chunk of token proceeds to ecosystem infrastructure. Given that the FomoETH ecosystem underpins every asset and project available to users, reinvestment in FomoETH is, therefore, essential.

Allocated Percentages:

Branding & Marketing – 53%
Development – 29%
Infrastructure – 12%
Legal & Financial Overhead – 4%
Bounty & Overhead – 2%
The Use of Proceeds breakdown constitutes all required investment to ensure a self-sustaining and cohesive ecosystem that will facilitate growth, and guarantee financial security.