What is NFTagram?

NFTagram seeks to consolidate the social dynamics of Instagram with the current wave of NFT projects that are forced to debut on non-interactive platforms like OpenSea. Understanding the correlation between personalisation and popularity amongst digital platforms was one of the key philosophies behind NFTagram, and how it can be used to promote organic growth. Blending this with a burgeoning market based on revolutionary NFT technology, and the project becomes a guaranteed home run.

How NFTagram works

With NFTagram, users are encouraged to mint personalised insights into their lives that can be both commodified and socialised. Given the iconography generated by Instagram throughout the 2010s, NFTagram will fuel interest in niche and mainstream posts by granting users the chance to profit and own digital moments in real time. Listings will have the potential to capitalise from the virality that has befallen thousands of Instagram posts and reels in recent years, adding a completely new dynamic to both the social media market and the NFT market. Blending community and arbitrage may become the underpinning combination for all future social media and NFT platforms.
The NFTagram app is currently under construction and is expected to launch next year as the opening project on the FomoETH ecosystem. You can track the rollout through the FomoETH website and social media accounts.