Monetization Model

FomoETH's userbase cashflow model is how many popular blockchain projects operate in order to incentivize on-chain engagement token growth.
FomoETH has implemented 4 primary monetization models, which will directly contribute to platform maintenance, token development, and future FomoETH initiatives, such as, the metaverse.

1. Token Transactional Fee

As previously mentioned, the FomoETH transactional fees are exacted from every on-chain purchase and sale of the FomoETH token. However, another small percentage of the fee is allotted to utility wallet for future use such as marketing, development, and giveaways.

2. NFTagram Ad Integration

Social Media ads represent a considerable amount of net revenue across app stores, and if NFTagram is to outcompete these platforms in the age of blockchain and NFT technology, ad integration is a necessary feature to generating serious marketing interest. NFT popularity will determine the frequency of ads appearance prior to viewing the product. Projects must surpass a specified threshold of views before ad integration become available.

3. Premium NFTagram Membership

Users will have the choice to pay for a flagship service on the NFTagram application, including benefits and tools made unavailable to standard users. The fee will be marketed more towards professional NFT projects; however, anyone is available to join.