The sun never sets on the FomoETH community. Based on the popular blockchain app, Telegram, the FomoETH communities span from Asia to Western Europe, with many more communities set to be included over the coming year. As it stands, the three foremost FomoETH communities are Chinese, English, and Filipino, all of which can be found through Telegram channels. However, plans for further regional integration are in the works. Founding a universal token community alongside the launch of NFTagram will aid both promotion and utility across the world. Remember that FomoETH was founded upon the FOMO concept, and we don’t want any national communities missing out on FomoETH.

Community Rewards and Airdops

To mark these FomoETH communities on the platform calendar, we plan to arrange special event airdrops for our communities, whereby FomoETH tokens and particular NFT projects will be freely offered to FomoWallets.

NFT Project Reward Initiative

Community members devoted to high-quality NFT projects will also be rewarded with our native FomoETH token if their work is widely acclaimed by other users on the NFTagram application. This rewards scheme will vary depending on how many views and engagement the project receives, similarly to ad integration.
We hope to cultivate a truly unique userbase through this system, by granting every country added to the community index its own digital space to share and engage in FomoETH and NFTagram content.