Initial DEX Offering

The FomoETH IDO presale will take place on the PinkSale launchpad. Instead of waiting for the FomoETH token to be listed on an exchange, the IDO launchpad makes it easy for the blockchain to foster the FomoETH ecosystem.
Instant liquidity fronted by DEX allows FomoETH to immediately offer staking, further incentivizing long-term holding, which is a vital step in the FomoETH rewards initiative. The direct cash flow provided by DEX facilitates other key components like mining, which stabilize projects and nurture token growth.
IDO presale had been held on (

Presale Breakdown:

BEP20 Token Presale
ERC20 Token Presale

What is PinkSale?

The PinkSale protocol seeks to offer users the resources necessary to launch tokens and build an ITO sale without the need for an exchange. What’s so beneficial about PinkSale is that no coding is required to create the presale. The platform maintains complete transparency by providing a seamless token creation process, permitting users to prep the token for presale launch with ease.

Why did we choose PinkSale?

We chose the PinkSale platform directly, due to the array of offers and features that aid the overall token launch, such as, listing the token on exchanges like PancakeSwap, PinkSwap, and UniSwap, two of which are FomoETH partners. PinkSale also promises to reward the best projects on the platform with PinkSale tokens, as well as provide a secure ecosystem for platform users. These incentives along with the launchpad's track record gave us reassurance that PinkSale was the obvious choice ahead of the FomoETH IDO.
Since its inception, over 3,357 projects have launched presales on PinkSale, raising more than $220M collectively.